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ghoster someone

Why ghosting someone causes pain ­čĹ╗

Ghosting someone, or playing dead, is not a good thing to do. It always hurts, if only a little.

How do you not play dead, stay right with someone and leave on good terms?

We will explain it to you in this article so you can find the right words.


What is ghosting?

Ghoster is a term that we also explain in our lexicon of dating applications in the blog.

According to LalangueFran├žaise.comThe term "ghosting" comes from "ghosting", the action of not giving any sign of life, disappearing from one day to the next, to avoid the confrontation of a break-up and not having to justify oneself. It's about playing dead to avoid a confrontation.

According to relationship experts, "ghoster" has a slightly different meaning. It is said to mean ending a relationship, most often a budding one, by cutting off contact with someone without warning. From the opposite point of view, to be ghosted is to "be ignored by someone close to you. Whether by phone, text, social networks, the person acts as if you no longer exist" (The Internet user).


Why does playing dead hurt?

This attitude is extremely destructive and should be avoided, as you may have understood. Playing dead reinforces both the fear of being abandoned and can awaken certain buried traumas. This break-up technique misleads the ghosted person, making them question everything and feel guilty. This feeling of guilt should not happen. This is why it is important to explain to the person the reason for the breakup or the end of the exchanges.

On the other hand, playing dead can leave the other person with the impression that the relationship is unfinished and leave a bitter taste. Grieving the relationship can be much more difficult to do and assimilate, in fact. Can a person you cared about be cruel enough to do this to someone else?

Thus, ghosting is truly difficult for the victim and can cause many post-relationship problems. It can also affect future relationships and how they are perceived, due to a loss of self-confidence that results from the act.


How do you break up with someone properly in this case?

It's never easy to break up a relationship, but ghosting is truly the worst. There are other ways to break up that are accessible to everyone and less cowardly.

We have already discussed them in a previous article, Tips for breaking up with someone. Remember one thing, nothing is better than the communication.