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Language of dating

LEXICON: the language of dating

Discover the language of dating, seduction... of love with our lexicon. You have some difficulties with the digital world and the vocabulary of online dating? You are at the right place! 

ASAP as soon as possible": from the English "as soon as possible". Often used in dating to meet someone quickly.

bae from the English "before anyone else", i.e. a pThe term "person to whom one pays a lot of attention in one's life" refers to someone to whom one feels very close. The term is used in a romantic context as well as in a friendly one.

lease The word "lease" refers to doing business with someone, doing things. It also refers to "a project  

scrambler : 

bio biography: the descriptive part of a personal profile

bot : robot, fake profile 

catfish : The catfish or catfisher is a person who pretends to be someone else, using fake profile pictures, fake names and often posing as a person of another gender to extort money from their targets

cat Instant messaging, informal communication between several people on the Internet, by exchanging messages displayed on their screens (online dialogue).

chill Relax, quiet. Refers to a "calm" environment, relaxing, with good vibes. Refers to a mood, a nice and relaxed environment launched thanks to Netflix, the video platform. We often say "Netflix and Chill". 

crush The person we like, whom we think about and with whom we would like to build something (serious or not)

date A meeting, a "date" as the "old-timers" say (we don't judge you).

DICK PICK: photo sent of the male genitalia, photo that in general individuals do not like to receive... sorry gentlemen. 

DM : "direct message", or direct message in French.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions, a set of questions asked by Internet users.

flirtation A game of seduction, of flirting between people who like each other.

follow : follow someone on the networks

friendzone : putting a windfall/rake on someone, rejecting a person by categorizing them as just a friend. It hurts. As Norman says, " I'm in the friendzone!

manage someone : Try to seduce someone, try to date them, make them your target.

ghoster to play dead, to play the ghost (from the English ghost ghost).

good vibes : good vibes

hot : hot, torrid

insta : instagram

irl : in real life ⇒ in real life/ in real life 

match connection, mutual attraction. Vocabulary initially launched by Tinder.

michtoneuse : woman interested in someone for his resources, someone who can bring her things, woman who seeks a relationship by interest.

nexter To move on, to move forward leaving the past behind (or an element of the past).

nude : explicit photo of genitals that few people like to receive on dating services.

pick up : "chopper", that is to say to drag or even conclude.

pv : private message

sex-friend : This is a friend with benefits.

sexto Hot" conversation, raising the temperature, of a sexual nature.

snap : snapchat

spammer : virtual stalking

stalker : A person who spies on another person on the net. You have not yet seen the series You ? You will understand better what it is afterwards.

swipe swipe: from the English word "swipe", refers to the movement of the finger to the left or to the right on a dating application, meaning that a profile is liked or not liked.