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reasons - rupture

Reasons for a breakup ­čĺö

Sometimes it is necessary to break up when things go wrong. In the previous article, we explained how to break up with the least amount of force possible. In this new article, here are the main reasons for a separation. According to the media Liberation, be aware that more than one in two marriages end in divorce. Think carefully before committing yourself.

If the meeting is a chance, the break is always a necessity.

The main reasons for a breakup

There are different reasons for a couple to move towards a breakup. 

The first reason is that your partner takes you for granted and makes little or no effort. Routine, weariness, lack of experience... several factors can be the cause and break many couples.

On the other hand, your partner asks too much of you and is literally dependent on your presence. This is not healthy and good for you because you are building up pressure. You may be afraid of this situation and prefer to cut it short by breaking up. 

A lack of desire from your partner can also be a reason for breaking up. The feeling of not being wanted or not feeling wanted by one's partner can challenge a person's self-confidence and cause them to question themselves without good reason. To say a little more on this point, don't neglect your carnal relations as this is also part of your relationship. Still according to Release, 50% of couples have sex 4 times a year while the other half sleep in separate bedrooms after 15 years of relationship. Preserve your relationship! 

Lack of communication

Separation can also be due to a lack of communication, an incompatibility that creates disagreements and problems or even a lack of communication. Without communication, no couple lasts. Make sure you communicate to avoid getting to that point. You can get help from a couple's therapist or a psychologist. You can also try to work things out between you by finding little techniques to communicate (writing down your feelings and the things you need to talk about, drawing to make the other person understand his or her ideas, answering mutual questions, etc.).

When your partner crosses your boundaries and fouls

Another factor of a breakup: the famous mistake / fault committed by your partner, which you can not forgive. This lack of respect that goes beyond your limits, such as a lie, a deception, the awakening of a past trauma... This happens often, and usually causes many breakups.

Generally speaking, an absence of happiness can be reason enough to break up, because without happiness, there is a good chance you will question your feelings. What is love worth without happiness and desire? Everyone has a right to love and a right to be happy. If you're not, it's probably a warning sign that something isn't going as planned, either personally or professionally. Don't wait until you are in pain to leave. If you feel the need, get a professional to help you identify the problem and make you aware of it.