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Reasons why you should try the application again 📱

Try the application again to get a new opinion 

We want you back, we miss you!

You installed the application some time ago and you didn't like it? According to you it lacked features or users? You heard about carimmat in the media at its launch and you haven't seen the latest version? 

It's time to try the application again! 

Your opinion is important to us. This may sound like a cliché but it is extremely true for the Carimmat team. And the fact that you come back to the application is also very important to us. 

A Spanish proverb says that "The wise man changes his mind and the fool is stubborn." Isn't that right? 

A little history to understand... 

Between 2019 and 2021, many articles written by Canal Detour, Radio Scoop or even 20 minutes have talked about Carimmat and this new concept: the "Tinder of traffic jams" or the "Tinder of traffic jams". In total, more than seventy media allowed to bring visibility to our dating application in French-speaking countries (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Monaco). As a result, a large number of users downloaded the application, which was still in its infancy. 

For various reasons, Carimmat did not win the hearts of all its users at that time, leading to many uninstallations. 

Today, our start-up is feeling the heat and is coming back in force to satisfy you, so reinstall our app'! This way, you won't be stuck on a priori.

Former users, it's time to reinstall the application!

7 good reasons to come back : 

1. Ranking in the blinds

Carimmat is ranked among the best apps in many countries today (Top 10 in Algeria, Tunisia) and has also been very well ranked in France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland after several communication campaigns. In February 2021, for example, the app was ranked 7th among dating apps in Switzerland. In Belgium, the app was also in the TOP 5 in November 2021. And to impress you even more, Carimmat was TOP 1 in Luxembourg in March 2021, ahead of Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Telegram or Discord.

re-install the filing application
2. A new identity

Apart from the classification of Carimmat, we have made a big change. So we have a new design and a new ergonomics on the application to improve the user experience. Indeed, all the visual identity has been reviewed (up to the logo) to make users want to go on the app, to create a modern and 100% brand anchored in new technologies. We also redesigned the website. If after that you don't reinstall the app... Fortunately, we have other arguments for you.

3. New features

In addition, the application features new features (swipe-up, increased payment possibilities on the application, increased security, possibility of earn credits through advertising on the application and other means...).

4. A hundred thousand users!

In addition, there are now many more users on the application. You will find many people around you and more drivers who have entered their license plate. Today, the dating application lists more than 100,000 active users. The community is constantly growing and you also increase your chances of finding your match. 

5. The development of social networks

As far as social networks are concerned, we are very active, especially on our Instagram @carimmat (French account). A real community is being created! We count on you to participate to our quizzes, polls, dilemmas, games... and many more! Don't forget to like our publications if you like them, we often give seduction tips for example.

6. The opinions of the users of the app

Since we have improved the entire brand, we have more feedback from users. This can be reassuring for you, we understand that. Chis shows a certain confidence in our application. For us, it is very pleasant to have your feedback every day! You can find the reviews about Carimmat mainly on the stores iOS or Playstore.

7. A 500k € fund raising

Finally, on a more professional side, carimmat has gained the confidence of investors, who believed in the project. This 2021 round of financing has allowed to release 500 000€! That should please the users. Who says more budget says more communication actions and more gifts! If investors were convinced, why not you?

After all these arguments, you have no other choice: reinstall the application! Here is the link:


As a bonus, we have to tell you that our after-sales service is incredible. Yes, sometimes you have to give yourself a pat on the back. If you want to contact us for any reason, you can do so here (Contact us) or via our social networks.