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An online store is coming to Carimmat!

Carimmat diversifies and launches its online store! Thanks to our different partners, we have decided to distribute different products for the pleasure of your car, truck or two wheels.

What kind of products?

We have tried to group together different products that should appeal to the car fan. Starting with car accessories, lights and neon, while passing by the cleaning and maintenance of the vehicle, we tried to address all our community.

In addition to Carimmat's (your favorite dating application) flagship products like the stickersYou can find a lot of products on our online store.

Purchases linked to the application?

Yes, it is now possible to buy premium memberships, credits and a whole lot of new stuff directly on the internal sitet. Our team will credit all your purchases directly to your Carimmat account, on the app!

I want to know more...

Come on, we stop making you drool longer, to make it simple, our store has just been launched, which means that it's only the beginning and that there will be more products in the future!

For the moment, you can find some products like :

  • Vinyl sticker for the exterior decoration of your car
  • Fluorescent tire valves for a guaranteed night effect
  • Start & Stop" ignition buttons customized with Marvel colors
  • LED lamps for the interior of your car (if you don't get it right, we don't understand anything)
  • Car steering wheel covers
  • Bumper blades
  • And so much stuff that happens...

What about shipping times and costs?

Each product will be delivered free of charge in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Monaco and will be shipped within 24h/48h after you place your order!

To thank you for your loyalty, we offer you a code of 10% discountvalid until October 20, 2022 for your first purchases! And that, without any minimum purchase on our website.


(valid until October 20, 2022)


So, what are you waiting for to buy some items for your vehicle?