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Here are some reasons to use Carimmat ­čśÄ

Carimmat is a dating application. You are not yet convinced of its use? Here are some reasons to use it.

For the shy

Apps are a good way to meet people when you are shy. Not daring to go to someone because we like him/her is frustrating.

On a dating application, you just have to send a message behind your screen. You don't have to be sociable and outgoing to meet someone, just have a chat. So this is a good reason to install carimmat.


No distance criteria

Distance is another factor that matters less and less in dating. Since there are more and more users on dating apps, more and more couples are formed through this way. Therefore, distance comes into play since couples do not necessarily meet by geolocation but by all other existing means. On CarimmatFor example, you can exchange with people from all over the world thanks to the Passport.


New concepts

Some applications have a new concept. With Feels for example, which allows you to meet people by feel thanks to stories. Other concepts have also been developed, such as Blind Mea blind dating app (photos are blurred), or Voxlov allowing encounters by voice. In the continuity, Carimmat is also a new application, which changes the traditions of dating. It's an app that allows you to meet motorists thanks to their license plate. Whether you're driving in traffic jams or in parking lots, you can spice up your daily life with an app like this. This is another good reason to download a dating app.


Another good reason: time saving

Dating apps allow you to meet people you like and save time. Where it would take you 3 months to meet someone who is single and who you like, you can do it every day on an app. Since everyone who is interested is also looking for love or at least dating, you won't waste your time looking for singles among couples (normally). You will be able to start a discussion and conclude quite quickly to a date. Also, depending on your interests, you will meet people even more quickly and easily. If you are looking for a light-hearted relationship without any headaches, the conversations are usually quick and so is the meeting. So here's another argument that might convince you.