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international driving courtesy week

Driving courtesy week: Carimmat becomes your lovecoach 💕

Who said that courtesy, flirting and love do not mix?

The international driving courtesy week takes place this year from March 14 to 21.

How about combining courtesy with love? For this occasion, Carimmat has prepared a small guide of advice to become a true gentleman behind the wheel. We'll tell you how. 

First of all, you should know that courtesy is a state of mind to adopt. We are going to give you some tips to achieve this state of mind, but its application in your daily life will depend on you. 

The smile, your asset in love as in the car!

Smile to life, smile at the people and the environment around you. As we often say, positive attracts positive. This is a mindset advocated by Léna Mahfouf aka Léna Situations and explained in his book "+=+". When driving, it's the same. Don't hesitate to smile when you pass someone (when it's a nice person, otherwise, don't bother). No more jokes. Smiling is one of those non-verbal expressions that says a lot, as explained in the book The smile in all its states: A history of the smile by Martine Zisserman. So don't neglect your smile to be a true gentleman (or gentlewoman), especially since it is your number one seduction asset when you have a crush. 

Crosswalk chivalry: the solution

Let it go pedestrians who want to cross in front of you (don't take too much advantage of it to look at them either, have a little restraint). Indeed, this is the first thing we think of when we talk about courtesy. Granted, it's annoying to always let grandma go by at the crosswalk when she's leaving the supermarket. But if it was Pamela Anderson, wouldn't you gladly let her pass? If you're not patient by nature, imagine you have Emma Watson or Pamela Anderson in front of you, and you're done. No need to thank us. Of course, it also works the other way around. You can also imagine Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling... 

Blind spots, or how to anticipate encounters and accidents.

Always look in the blind spots to avoid cutting off others. Admit it, you didn't think about it, but that's part of being courteous. If you don't pay attention to blind spots, isn't that the best way to avoid an accident?

In addition to that, you will put forward your seductive side and you will not hesitate to check the blind spots to look at the handsome guy or girl behind you. New encounters are not to be refused! On the other hand, if we can give you advice on how to be gallant while ensuring the road safetyWe can't dream of anything better. 


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If you implement these 3 simple but effective tips, you will be flirting with courtesy! 

Do not hesitate to consult our article The guide to a healthy relationship to become a true ace of love in addition to being an ace of the wheel.