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Find love on Carimmat : The guide to a healthy relationship

On Carimmat, you swipe, chat with people you like, with the aim of concluding a couple relationship. 

So here are some tips to guide you to a healthy relationship. 

On the road to a beautiful relationship!

In a couple, it is essential to motivate each other and to pull each other up to continue to move forward together in a healthy relationship. The thing to avoid above all is to denigrate the other, to blame him or her. This is what happens sometimes when people are not able to put their ego aside. 

Second, accept your partner as he or she is and do not ask them to change. Simply urging them to change is toxic, not caring. The best thing is to make the person realize that some things are not right, do not seem right or do not fit. Thus, by encouraging him, he will surely try to improve his defects himself. This is related to the first advice, that of pulling oneself up.

Dare to talk about limits

Secondly, respecting the other's limits and exposing one's own limits is a necessary part of avoiding pain. This is especially true when a cultural difference comes into play. For example, sensual dancing with other partners may be totally "normal" and accepted by a Brazilian or a Colombian. On the other hand, a European may have more difficulty with it since it is not in his or her own culture. It is therefore important to discuss and express the limits that seem beyond your tolerance. Many studies, such as Mixed couples: the adoption of two cultures? by Geneviève Platteau, exposes the differences orchestrated by culture. In her study, she also addresses the different perceptions of fidelity. Acceptance of both cultures is essential, but so is acceptance of different points of view within the same culture. However, unspoken words and lack of communication can create conflicts with your partner. Your relationship may gradually deteriorate and become unhealthy. 

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Other tips to consider

Being yourself at 100% is also fundamental in a couple relationship. It means not feeling judged and not judging the other person. Moreover, it is also a question of accepting the other as he (or she) is or as you have known him (or her). 

It is essential to be able to talk about your emotions and feelings without fear. Supporting your partner is also part of your work as a couple, to help them in their own expression of their feelings. 

With all these tips, the important thing is to feel loved and show the other person how important he/she is. Of course, always with a healthy and benevolent eye.

Last but not least, the only advice we have to give you is not to lie to preserve mutual trust. Respect above all! Many people are weakened by their past and by their past relationships in which they were lied to, disrespected in other ways, cheated on... You must therefore avoid at all costs reproducing this and put the person in confidence. If this is done in a way, it will most certainly be reciprocated. 

If you feel that these points are not necessarily applicable to your relationship, we advise you to think carefully if you are with the right person. You most certainly love him or her, but not necessarily in the best way. If this guide has served you well, you'll also find that problems related to jealousy and possessiveness will fade away if you meet all these criteria. You won't feel like flirting with others and you'll be fully confident in your love.

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