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The Pôle Action Média accompanies Carimmat

At the beginning of 2022, new startups have chosen the support of the Pôle Action Média and its digital ecosystem for their development.

Based in Le Soler, in the Occitanie region near Perpignan, it is there that Carimmat and other startups like Pass'Prêt, Perma, Run-DMC, Skaly and ViaNamah will set up their next offices.

We will soon be moving into the Coopérative 2.0, the new incubator of the Pôle Action Média. This 1000m2 incubator will be located a few steps away from the new Idem Creative Arts School campus.

Learn more about the Media Action Center?

Created in 2010, the Pôle Action Média is a group of companies from the creative and digital industries in Occitania and Catalonia. It now has more than 80 member companies, including 35 startups.

This cluster thus meets several objectives, such as developing cooperation between member companies. It also helps to accelerate their development by networking with economic, institutional and media players.

The cluster is open to all professionals from different sectors. These include digital creation, the audiovisual sector, innovation in communication technologies, etc. But also to future companies or startups that want to rely on the dynamics of a group of international companies.