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How to find love again being a single mom 🙍♀️

Leaving someone with whom we have a stable life is never easy. But when there is a breakup, it is even more difficult sometimes to believe in a new relationship. Especially with a child or more! Don't forget that everything is possible and that love always triumphs. Being a single mom is not a fatality.

The status of a single mother 

If you want to meet someone and build a serious relationship, don't overlook honesty. Hiding the fact that you have a child is the worst thing you can do. Be honest from the start, mention it on the first date. Don't mention it too soon, it can be scary, but bring it up during your date.

Another important point: others. Your entourage may be benevolent, but there are always malicious or awkward people who will not support you. Indeed, being alone after a breakup is rarely perceived positively. Many will tend to say " My poor thing, but how are you going to get out of this?", "And how are you going to find love again by being a mom?". 

The kind of questions that can confuse you and make you doubt without reason. These are the fears that our loved ones project onto us. But don't let this influence you. 

As mentioned so well in the blog the new single mom"Celibacy is not inevitable when you are a separated or divorced parent".

When to get back together after a separation/divorce? 

Ladies, you must feel good and ready to open up to someone. Love is not an easy thing, it also requires efforts, compromises, daily work. When the benefits of being in a relationship outweigh the benefits of being single, that may be the time. Or when your desire to share again a relationship of complicity, laughter, quality time is there, you can consider it. With a child to take care of, the vision of the ideal couple is also perhaps different. 

Don't treat men like your children, don't mother them! The role of a man is to support you, not to be an extra child. He should not take on the role of a father, but should take on a responsible role to support the mother that you are.

This may also require, for some, communication with her child. You must make him understand that mom has the right to happiness with another man than dad. Don't be afraid of your child's reaction when you introduce him to someone. He has to be happy for you, and that means the way you bring it to him. Being a single mom doesn't mean staying single.

Being ready to love again cannot be improvised, it requires time, work on oneself, re-learning and conditioning. 

How to find love again?

Before you can get back together and be loved by someone, you ladies need to learn to love yourself again. If you have, open yourself up to the outside world. Go out, enjoy life, and maybe you'll run into someone, a friend of a friend or whatever. 

There is another possibility: dating applications. Although you may be reluctant, this is a great option that can help you a lot. It is also a new experience! Why not try it? " Single mom ready to open her heart again ". With a bio like that, a real man won't run away.

With carimmatFor example, you can meet people even when you're driving in traffic. Imagine, you can meet someone while taking your child to school, killing two birds with one stone! In the digital age, isn't it normal to first exchange virtually before meeting? You will have plenty of time to get interested in the person and vice versa. When you finally meet him, don't go with your child, it is important to take advantage of the moments together with another person. Separate your role as a mother from your role as a woman. Organize yourself well, take time for yourself. If your child is still young, have him/her looked after by relatives or by his/her father.

Hopefully this will help you! Most importantly, remember: you know what you want, so if you don't have it and it's not possible, say no and walk away.

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