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What is polyamory? 💞

Societal practices are evolving day by day, over time. Progressively, a new relationship to love has appeared (cf. The history of dating sites and applications).

Individuals, much freer, let themselves be tempted by new practices, more liberated. It is in this context that polyamory, a concept that is still unknown and surprising, fits in.

What is polyamory?

Various sites talk about polyamory and its meaning. According to the Huffingtonpostit refers to "several loves" according to its Greek etymology poly (several) and Latin amor (love). However, the term seems to refer more to a "dynamic of exchange animated by affection, non-exclusive attachment, than the simple desire to satisfy one's carnal impulses". The media adds that it is a real way of life. However, this term is often confused and misleading according to the Cosmopolitan. Notion at the same time seductive for some and contrary to the standards for others, the polyamour questions. It is not only a form of liberated sexuality, but a form of love relationship.

This calls into question the very principles of love. This liberated love questions the societal model of Western monogamous love.


The pillars of polyamory

Polyamory thus seems to be an evolution of love relationships, based on consent, sharing and honesty. The media The World interviewed a polyamorous woman, Françoise Simpère, former journalist. In the article of the media dedicated to the subject, she confides in explaining that it goes beyond the mutual love between two people.

According to her, " It is a new form of individual relationship, where one forgets about the couple to base oneself on human relationships. Polyamory teaches you to be autonomous, to love with detachment. One loves with feelings, but without dependence. It implies to have confidence in oneself, so as not to feel broken if the other person does not respond to what one wants. Polyamory does not exclude that love can be one of the most beautiful things in the world, that's why I'm glad to conjugate it in the plural. Love is great when you meet a person in an emotional, intellectual and sexual way [...]. Polyamory is about inventing your own love values. 

According to the sexologist Magali Croset-Calisto and author of a book on the subject, these love affairs are particularly inspiring. Indeed, "Polyamorists are undeniably people who have thought a lot about themselves, their desires "she says.

Polyamory is therefore tending to spread and to seduce more individuals. The notion is controversial, of course, but opens up new practices.