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One of the many novelties of this beginning of year 2022 consists in putting forward our dear partners on our dating application !

Indeed, for a few weeks now, sponsored content (also called Advertisements) can appear on the home page or during swipe sessions.

These partners are companies wishing to promote their brands, products and/or services in order to offer the best to our license plate dating application users.

But for which company?

We have created a unique space to explain how to advertise to a qualified target.

Is your product and/or service for French speaking countries? You are at the right place... 🚀🚀

We offer extremely competitive rates and customized campaigns to satisfy as many companies as possible.

Target your campaigns by gender, location and other factors, whether it's a local or national ad.

You are a company and you want to communicate with our target audience?

We have created a special space for you to learn more about you. Do not hesitate to click here so that we can meet!

For those who follow us on our page LinkedInWe had announced it to you:

As a reminder, Carimmat Is the 1ʳᵉ license plate dating app.

It allows to find the people crossed in the traffic jams... We don't leave anyone on the side of the road!

If you wish more statistics concerning our audience, to consult existing advertising campaigns, do not hesitate to contact us via our page " Carimmat Publicité ".