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10 commandments to hook up - dating - date

The 10 commandments of dating to hook up 🙌

The meetings, a real pain...

You want to meet someone but you need advice on seduction, dating, flirting... and all that goes with it? You've come to the right place! Here's a list of the 10 commandments to pick up during a date

Before starting this list of tips, don't forget that the location of your appointment will also be important. That's why we'll be devoting an article to the subject shortly. 

Tips for a successful meeting

Thou shalt listen to the other : It is a fundamental element during a meeting. Without listening to each other, chances are the date won't go as planned! Take the time to really get into the life of your crush. 

Talk about your exes and forget about them : Don't make the mistake of talking about your exes! Unless your crush asks you about them, don't tell the first one. date. This can really chill the person in front of you.

On your crush you will focus : There is nothing worse than being interested in someone who is sincere and being interested in other people at the same time. With someone good, you stop playing games. Stop fooling around and ask yourself what you really want and if you are ready to commit. 

Commonalities you will find : What better way to get to know each other than to talk about what you have in common on your first date?

Thou shalt use humor : The proverb is clear: "woman who laughs..." you know the rest! 😉 Moreover, according to Grazia, 76% of French people think that people who have a high humor capital also have a high seduction potential more important than the average

No comparison thou shalt not dare : This argument goes hand in hand with the fact that you should avoid talking about your exes. Indeed, comparison is a real obstacle to the construction of a healthy relationship (see our article The guide to a healthy relationship). 

In his place you will put yourself: During the meeting and afterwards, of course, it is important to put yourself in the other person's shoes to build a solid relationship based on respect. 

Thou shalt not look at its assets : Your crush has beautiful curves, that's obvious! And even though you're dying to stare at them, it's a really bad idea. You might scare her away or turn her off. So take it easy, and you can look later! (or discreetly if you know how). 

Final tips to keep in mind for the long term

Cute things you will do : If you really like this person, you may become a duck (you too, ladies!). The little things you do for someone always make you happy. Don't spare your efforts.

With patience you will arm yourself : Finally, after all this advice, you should keep in mind that each person moves at his or her own pace and that you should not rush your crush. Some people need more time than others to take a step towards the other, so take your time. 

And if despite our great advice it doesn't work out, on Carimmat you will register! 

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