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The age difference in a couple

The age difference in a couple is often criticized. According to RadioFranceIn addition, the average male is two years older than his female partner. In addition, the average man is two and a half years older than his partner. Only 8 to 10% of couples have an age difference greater than 10 years according to INSEE. The number is constantly increasing over the decades.

According to Medisite which includes statistics from theINED (National Institute of Demographic Studies)Women would be ready to open up to a younger partner from the age of 35. As for men, 79 % would be interested in a woman at least 5 years older than them. Many celebrities have a very large age difference, like the 27 years difference between Celine Dion and her late husband Rene Angelil. We also find Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron with 25 years difference, or Amal and George Clooney with 17 years.

difference in age

The age difference in couples as seen by older men

A therapist specializing in couples spoke to Doctissimo, explaining that men "need to distance themselves from age, from the passage of time" . Perhaps out of ego, they need to feel appreciated by younger women. This is also a way to reassure themselves about their situation. A man tends to want to show off his girlfriend as a kind of trophy, continuing to feed his ego. He shows that he is still capable of pleasing, and pleasing even a younger woman. On the other hand, younger women seem to be more feisty, which interests men more. They don't want to stay in a routine with a woman of their age, despite their age.

The gynecologist Sylvain Mimoun, adds in Health Magazine that the age difference can also be a "stimulant for both partners" because it would awaken "urges in the older man".  


The age difference in couples as seen by older women

Within a large age gap, older women seem to be reliving a second youth with a younger man. 

Some women testified to Doctissimo, explaining that they seek guidance and companionship more than with a man their own age, who is much less mature. Older men give them a feeling of protection. They also seek stability, to be reassured.

These women expect a certain level of comfort, especially material or professional. They are therefore more likely to turn to men with experience, more mature. 

However, a young woman with an older man is often perceived as a woman who is interested in his financial situation. They have to prove more than men. 

In any case, a relationship with a big age difference arouses the curiosity (sometimes misplaced) of those around you. You will have to be ready to accept criticism in order to fully enjoy your relationship.


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