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toxic relationship

How do you get out of a toxic relationship? ❌

Many couples do not have a healthy relationship. Repeated jealousy, withdrawal, possessiveness, violent arguments, revenge... All these elements form an explosive cocktail to be avoided if you value your relationship. We will explain in this article what defines a toxic relationship and how to avoid it.


What is a toxic relationship?

According to the blog NoovomoiThis type of relationship refers to a dysfunctional relationship between two individuals over a variable period of time. This relationship can take different forms (romantic, friendly or professional) and is "generally not based on mutual respect or healthy communication". According to the media Le ProgrèsThe definition can be completed by talking about an imbalance between the two people in the relationship. Moreover, the media adds that it is a real "emotional hold which implies a toxic asymmetrical relationship of dominant/dominated type, masked by various kinds of manipulations".


Signals that show you are in a toxic relationship

There are several signals, or Red flags, to consider when characterizing an unhealthy relationship. First, you are not yourself at 100%, at the risk of being criticized by your partner. You are not yourself because one of you has the upper hand over the other, probably your spouse, which forces you to take it upon yourself to avoid conflict. In case of conflict, you always have to justify yourself and argue unnecessarily. Communication is totally broken between you, so it is difficult to maintain a stable relationship.

Another remark, paradoxical, you do not feel safe. The other person often does everything to make you feel hooked, stung and dependent on him/her. There is also a kind of emotional co-dependency created by all his/her actions. On top of that, you no longer see yourself as you did at the beginning of your relationship. Finally, you have also lost your self-esteem and self-confidence because of him/her. If you notice these things in your daily life with your partner, it is not normal. You need to realize that this relationship needs to end or become healthy.

If you want to know if your partner is toxic, or even narcissistically perverse, you can also take the e-health clinic here.


How to get out of an unhealthy relationship?

It is very difficult to realize that we are in a relationship with the wrong person, or that the relationship is not sustainable. Not being in denial is a complicated thing. Nevertheless, it is important to question your relationship and open your eyes. How can I get out of this relationship that makes me unhappy, even if it has been years? You deserve better and above all to be respected.

You really need to think long term: can you see yourself making a life with this person? Can you handle this for a lifetime? Are you afraid of the idea of living with them? If you have any doubts at all or answer no, you are probably in a toxic relationship.


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