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What events to go to with your date? ✨

Starting a relationship with someone is not an easy task. You have to keep innovating to spice up this initial seduction phase.

Going to special events can be a great way to take initiative in your relationship. We have listed for you the most striking and special places to do in flirt/couple, summer and winter.


Events according to the seasons


Do you like to be entertained by thrills? Then you have to go to the Foire du Trône, also called Gingerbread Fair. This event is very famous in France; it is a big funfair organized every year, which lasts from April to June. In May, you can enjoy the music festival Luberon Jazzin Apt.



Many festivals are available during the summer season. Why not go to some of them? There are a number of annual musical events. For example, the francofolies in La Rochelle in July, the Solidays in Paris in June... We also find the festival of vieilles charrues in brittany in mid july. You prefer soft music? The piano? There is also the festival of La Roque-d'Anthéron for a 100% piano performance between July and August. If you are more of a wine lover, you can go to the Foire aux Vins d'Alsace (in Colmar). It takes place every year during 10 days in August. Finally, if you like Argentine tango, you can enjoy an event at the Jardin Tino Rossi on the quays of the Seine to dance, or go to the firemen's ball organized in mid-July everywhere in France.



Some events are also available in the fall, between September and December. This is notably the case for the Paris Games Week, a video game show, October event. In November, you can go to a sporting event, namely the Eric Bompard Trophyaka Lalique Trophy or even Trophy of France. This is an international figure skating competition in Paris. Are you more interested in crafts and manual workshops? In November, you will find the Salon Creative and Know-How in At the Porte de Versailles



What could be better than going to the Christmas market in winter? And of course, if you want to go to the unmissable markets, you will have to go to Alsace, to Strasbourg. You can take the opportunity to visit some nearby towns like Colmar, with the typical Alsatian houses and their charm. The Christmas markets of Paris and the Ile de France can also be interesting to visit. Besides the markets, you will find every year in February/March the festival of musical readings Par Monts et Par Mots in Aurillac. This event offers free musical readings. Another event, you can go and see Paris in celebration thanks to its Carnival, which takes place every year in February or March (depending on the year).


Other possible exits

Are you more of a sports fan? You can find sports events like karate, basketball... The World Karate Championships are sometimes organized by France in November and the LNB All Star Game (French version of the NBA All-Star Game) in December.

You can also enjoy other artistic events: exhibitions, galleries... Or fairs, shows, etc. There are also events by theme, including the animated ones with the Japan Touchor film festivals, animal events (horse fair in April for example), circus shows, theater festivals such as the festival of Aurillac, Avignon...

You will also find international events not to be missed, such as the Vendée Globe between November and December. For the traditional, go to the music festival on June 21 or to the fireworks and parade on July 14. A lot of great moments to share as a duo to enjoy around common passions.

If you want to see more events, you can visit which summarizes the important dates each year.

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