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The best places for a date 🏕

After a few virtual discussions, you will finally meet... This is the moment not to be missed!

You can create a good mood by choosing a good meeting place. Depending on the weather and the season, you will have to adapt.

If you lack inspiration, here are the top 4 unusual places for a date according to Carimmat, dating application as unusual.


Unusual places

Unusual places can spice up a new or existing relationship, but also simply get out of the ordinary. Everyday life and repetition, routine only kill a relationship. You might as well start from the beginning to surprise the other person and try to be original!


The parks

Parks are a safe bet and a must-have. According to the data provider StatisticaEuropeans prefer to meet their crush in a park for the nice atmosphere, to feel safe, to be able to shorten the meeting easily if needed, and finally to get to know each other easily. These data indicate that almost half of the respondents prefer this type of physical meeting to be able to get to know each other quietly. The advantage of parks is also that they are usually crowded with people. A good help when you have trouble finding topics for discussion: you can use the environment! Children, skateboarders, parents watching their children... No blank spaces guaranteed! Moreover, you can talk as long as you want in a park, not like in a restaurant for example.

Zoological parks

For an even more original meeting, why not organize it at the zoo? Once again, you will make a 2 in 1, a seduction operation while enjoying the animals, the souvenir stores, the food stands... A guaranteed effect! This will allow you to have even more subjects of conversation, to talk about animals, the landscape, the activities that you like... And it is the occasion to have a date that is out of the ordinary. It will also help you keep a positive memory of the day if the date does not go as planned.

The funfair

For another original outdoor outing, you can opt for a funfair. The only drawback is that fairs are often mobile and ephemeral. If you have the chance and the opportunity to go there for a date, take advantage of it to tease each other by challenging each other to different games. You can also eat something together, a little cotton candy or churros... And if you want to impress your wife with a cute and romantic side, make sure you win a stuffed animal. Date successful! You will have a great time while having fun. The funfair also has the advantage of not provoking blank moments when you are on the attractions: no need to talk, just don't throw up. We hope you don't mind the sensations.

The aquarium

In the continuity of the zoo, you have the possibility of making your appointment at the aquarium. Another original place. The aquarium is a quiet, peaceful place, where you often have to whisper to avoid being noticed. Being in a quiet place and in a particular atmosphere, surrounded by fish, will help you not to put pressure on yourself, especially if you are apprehensive. If you also love the marine world, this is the perfect place to meet! 🐟🐠 In the same way as at a funfair or in a zoo, you will normally be able to take advantage of spaces to consume (store, cafeterias, restaurants...).

With these four unusual places, you can be sure that your date will be successful! At least, you will make a lasting impression.

We will suggest other places to meet in a future article.