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NNN Challenge? Huh? 🙄

Maybe some of you have already seen it on the different social networks, but every week and every month new challenges are born... And the "No Nut November" comes back every year in November...

What does "No Nut November" mean?

"No" means "no" in English. "Nut" means "nut" in its classical translation and can be used figuratively to refer to a man's testicles, but can also be used more vulgarly to mean "ejaculate" in English. "November" for the month of "November". "No Nut November" thus means "No ejaculation in November.


Yes, you have understood, the NNN is a challenge which proposes to men not to ejaculate during one month, in this case the month of November. No masturbation and no sexual intercourse to avoid any accident!

Is No Nut November (NNN) healthy?

"No scientific study has shown any benefits or negative effects of abstinence for 1 month," replied Dr. Ala Chebbi, urological surgeon and andrologist at the Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint-Joseph.

So what's the point?

Being a volunteer, being brave? On Twitter, during the 2021 challenge, athlete Tibo InShape said "no". Others, anonymous, expressed the need "to be strong".

"I'm not sure it's very good in spirit," says Dr. Antoine Faix, a urologist, andrologist and sexologist with the French Association of Urologists (AFU).

Sperm are less healthy after 4 to 5 days. Therefore, it is not good if you wait to have sex. On the contrary, if the purpose of the challenge is at least to draw attention to male genitalia pathologies, to promote advice from young men talking about sexual health, contraception or testicular self-examination, or if it is a screening test for cancer and elderly people, it will make others think, but this is not far from the stupid" concluded our interlocutor.

And on Twitter meanwhile... 😂