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200,000 thanks 🥰😍 - A word from the founder

Dear users,

We are excited to announce that our license plate dating application has recently reached a major milestone: we have reached the 200,000 users ! We are so grateful for the trust you have placed in us, and we wanted to take a moment to thank you. 😍

Since we launched this app, our goal has always been to create a safe and easy-to-use space for singles looking for love. We know that dating can be difficult, especially when you're busy or don't know where to start. That's why we designed this application to help users find interesting and compatible people, simply by using their license plate.

And after receiving a lot of criticism, bad feedback... it works! We have received a few testimonials from couples who have found love through our app. We are so happy that we were able to play a role in their love story. 🎯

But our work doesn't stop there ! We are constantly listening to our users and working hard to improve our application all the time. We've recently added some new features, such as the ability to send photos directly from the app (and have them automatically blurred... did you know that?). Hey yeah, no need to go to other apps to continue exchanging with your newest crush! 🙈

We also recognize that dating can be difficult in these uncertain times. That's why we're adding features to help users stay safe while meeting new people, such as profile verification for users.

Finally, we just wanted to say thank you 🥰😍 ❤ !

Thank you for trusting our app to help you find love. Thank you for all the amazing stories you've shared with us. And thank you for allowing us to continue to improve this app for all of you.


Sincerely, I want to thank you 200,000 times!

Tristan Berguer, founder of the Carimmat application