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Single dad: how do you raise your kids alone? 🧔🏻

Being a father is sometimes hard, but being a single dad is even harder. 

We often talk about single moms, a subject for which we dedicated an article for Mother's Day, but today we put the spotlight on those dads! 

Testimony of a single dad

The Belgian site Weekend.levif received the testimony of Mohamed, single father and widower since the expectations of Paris: "Being a single father is special, there is a feeling of loneliness and incomprehension. [...] As men are more rarely found with children to take care of, we are seen as rare specimens, with an enormous pressure to find a female presence. I was told that I would never make it, that I had to find someone, as if raising children alone was inconceivable for a man. 

His words sum up our idea of a single father. You don't want to absolutely play the role of father AND mother when you're single. It adds an extra pressure to the dad to want to do everything like a mom in addition to his own role. 

It is not easy for the child(ren) to live with a single parent either. The lack of a loved one in the education is difficult to live and can be strongly felt depending on the behavior of the single parent. It is therefore important to manage this situation as best as possible to impact the children as little as possible.

Knowing how to balance things out and taking time for yourself

Being alone is not an easy situation, no matter what you have been through. If you are widowed, divorced, separated, or in another situation. In any case, you are a "courageous father". The most important thing is not to focus on the past, on what happened to you, but on the future and how you are going to educate this child. To do this, you must be at peace with yourself. In the same way, it is important to take time for yourself. This is what Mohamed added in his testimony: "[...] in order for my children to feel good, I have to feel good, and that implies that I have time to take care of myself. 

There is a time for everything, no matter what others will tell you. There is a time for everything, no matter what others will tell you. To be happy in this situation, you need to find a balance. Even though Mohamed says, "For a single person, finding the balance between all that there is to manage is almost impossible, unless you put your heart and soul into it," it is also by relying on other people that you will manage to free up time for yourself and be a good single father. 

Give it time and be patient. Education will take care of itself if you are in agreement with yourself.


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